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May 2015 Meetup

For our May meetup we're going to cheat a bit by going just over the Frysian border to Steenwijk. At the Webburo HQ, we'll be hearing from Cees-Jan Kiewiet about ReactPHP.

19:00 - welcome (coffee/tea) 
19:30 - opening notes 
19:45 - Cees-Jan Kiewiet - Getting started with ReactPHP
20:30 - ??:?? - Drinks 

Getting started with ReactPHP

ReactPHP brings asynchronous I/O to PHP. Learn how to ReactPHP works by writing a simple toy app with it. I’ll be taking you from the very beginnings of the app and explain step by step how everything works both API wise and internally. Up and until a live interactive demo at the end.

Cees-Jan Kiewiet

Cees-Jan has been writing code since he could use a keyboard. With a high interest in asynchronous programming and pushing the edge of things. After using ReactPHP he became a ReactPHP team member where he works on the react/filesystem package. Aside from ReactPHP he works on several other open source projects, including some of his own.


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Written by Johannes on Wednesday April 22, 2015
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