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August 2015 Meetup

For august we've got another excellent talk lined up. We'll be joined by Juliette and Wouter with their talk:

Diversity Matters

While some IT companies are slowly trying to make a difference, the IT industry is still a pre-dominantly white male domain.

In every industry where the work-force has shifted - often over a thirty year period - from severely limited diversity to a diverse work-force, you'll find that both productivity as well as profitability has increased.

Taking into account the enormous shortage of IT professionals world-wide, the time has come to accelerate this much-needed shift.

In this talk we'll look at some of the psychological and sociological aspects which inhibit the change to a more diverse workforce in the IT industry. But we don't stop there: we all are in an unique position to contribute to this change, so let's discuss what each of us can do today to move towards a healthier and more economically sane industry.


Juliette and Wouter are both seasoned developers from different backgrounds who care about this community and the IT industry in general.


If you're willing, our speakers would like you to fill out their survey at



19:00 Start
19:30 Talk
20:30 Closing & Social



Written by Johannes on Saturday August 1, 2015
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